Who is Cubik Cloth?

Cubik Cloth bridges a gap in the street fashion market between quality and affordability; providing laid back yet higher end directional pieces that are now 100% Australian made.
The idea of a fashion brand lived in the minds eye of Ben Rolevink for approximately 17 years before coming to life in 2012. Originally traveling to Asia for fabric sourcing, sampling and production, the Cubik label became a well thought out and nurtured concept that’s still young at heart. The resurrection of that fashion dream however, came about from a resurrection of a different kind...

Cubik Cloth had always been on the back burner.
Ben had worked in fashion since 96, his first job a whipper snapper on the shop floor and stock boy for a high-end boutique. He worked his way up over the years in various companies achieving great things. In 2009, Ben had been working as State Manager and Visual Merchandise coordinator for a top multi-branded fashion retail company.
Unfortunately driving home from a weekend away in Aug 2009, Ben and his partner were hit head on by a sleeping woman who had lost control of her car and veered over to their side of the highway. A 220km impact left Ben fighting for life with every limb in his body smashed and massive internal injuries. He wasn’t expected to live 2 weeks. He did. 6 months in hospital and rehab, 15 surgeries, learning to walk again, not able to return to any ‘normal’ work, Ben was going INSANE. “My full time job was rehab.” After a long coffee date with a girlfriend who was starting her own label too, he thought, “It’s my chance to give this a go.” Having learnt some knowledge in production over the years, Ben set the label up, learnt a hell of a lot more and the rest as they say is history!
2016 offered an updated, fresher Cubik Cloth, launching a new logo and bringing all production back to Australian shores.
“I think with larger chains all offering faster, cheaper options to fashion, there is still a major need for an Australian made product that is affordable.” Ben says. New collections will utilize Australian cottons on a much smaller scale with exclusive production runs now made in Sydney. The label essentially started for fashion forward thinking males but has quickly become a cult favourite with both genders offering wearable tees, tanks, shorts, tracks and joggers etc. that are easily adaptable. “I love that my brand does not fit into one category and that it appeals to a wider audience. Fashion should be fun for everybody no matter who you are.”