CUBIK CLOTH wants to take you "HIGHER" this Winter 18 season.

With constant reminders from media about the current state of the world, CUBIK CLOTH creates it's 10th collection that is reminiscent of better times.

“A collection derived from feelings of euphoric love. No matter who you are or who you love, it’s about those good times you’ll never forget.”

Inspired by old footage of a performance seen on Top of the Pops back in 1991. Xpansion’s track Move Your Body Higher was a big fave from that era. The lead singer and her male back up dancers in the video are insanely energetic. Their performance oozed so much cool, we had to incorporate that look, feel and style into this season.

Our new mini capsule collection includes women’s wear, a first for Cubik Cloth, although we have already become a unisex fave with previous offerings.

Bright reds, bold logos, heart patches, satin ribbons, round circle zippers and striped ribbings all feature in “Higher.”

Still 100% Australian Made, Cubik Cloth promises you a non-mass produced product that is ethically made in Sydney.


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